The main reasons to consider of having replacement Sliding Sash Windows

There comes a time when your sliding sash windows do not function properly anymore and you must decide either to make a refurbishment or to change your Sliding Sash Windows completely using an expert Sliding Sash Windows installer. What is more, it is important to mention that often the costs of restored Sliding Sash Windows are more or less the same as of replacement Sliding Sash Windows.

Here we will run through a few signs of consideration having replacement Sliding Sash Windows:

Peeling paint

There are two reasons why your timber sash window can lose the paint: either it could be because of UV rays or moisture. In both reasons, you should replace your Sliding Sash Window as soon as possible.


If you feel airflow coming through your closed Sliding Sash Windows it is second sign that you need to replacement Sliding Sash Windows by an expert Sliding Sash Windows fitter like


If during cold time of the year you find a condensation or frost around the Sliding Sash Window, it again means that your Sliding Sash Window needs to be replaced.

Improper operation

If your sash windows do not slide smoothly or you need fastening to keep them open, it is another sign to contact an expert timber sash window company like