Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! The Stork Sash Windows, Ltd. and it’s team offer an array of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in response to inquiries on orders and deliveries, measurement of windows and fitting. We recommend you to read before you start asking, because someone might have asked this question already.

If you have more questions, and you did not find answers here, please write us your questions and we definitely come back to you as soon as possible.

What are the payment terms?2015-05-08T12:42:22+00:00

A deposit of 50% is required as cleared funds in our account before the order can commence. The remaining 50% will then be required as cleared funds in our bank account before the order can be dispatched. This does not effect your right to claim, should the product arrive in an unsatisfactory state.

Payment methods include: Bank Transfer, Cheque and Postal Order – please ask for details.

UK free delivery?2015-05-08T12:41:15+00:00

We offer free UK delivery on orders above £5000. Orders under £5000 will be subjected to a delivery charge.

Prices quoted are for UK distribution only. Delivery overseas may incur additional carriage charge and will be quoted with the order.

How do I place an order?2015-05-08T12:39:04+00:00

An order process can start once we receive the final measurements and specifications for your order. We will then send you an invoice and Order Confirmation schedule which you will need to check thoroughly, sign and fax back to us (or it can be posted or attached in an email with written consent). This shows us that you have checked ALL details (including understanding your regulatory stipulations) and are happy that there are no errors.

Orders will only be confirmed and an approximate delivery date set, after we receive your signed ‘Order Confirmation’ document, and that a deposit of 50% has been received as cleared funds into our bank account.

Once your order has been processed and assigned a shipping window, you will then be contacted with a more specific delivery date.

What do Stork provide prior to ordering?2015-05-08T12:37:06+00:00

Prior to ordering, we will provide quotations, specific technical information and assistance with technical advice.

For measurements and fitting, see above.

We will ensure adequate opportunity to check and confirm all details prior to placing the order.

Do Stork measure and fit?2015-05-08T12:35:57+00:00

We can only work from the dimensions and specifications you provide to us, or from our affiliated window fitters (contact us for details).

Whatever the advice we give, it is entirely YOUR responsibility to check all details, and any regulations, so that the finished product is correct and to your liking.

What are the delivery times?2015-05-08T12:14:38+00:00

Our delivery times vary depending on how busy we are so please check with us to find out our current times. As standard we state 10 – 12 weeks for delivery but often it is sooner than that, between 6 – 10 weeks usually. Any variance on order times will be communicated to you by us at the earliest possible moment.

How often will my windows need redecorating?2015-05-08T12:13:59+00:00

Our fully factory finished windows will last a lifetime with the correct application of care and maintenance. On average, our coatings will tend to last from five to eight years before re-treatment. This is reflected in our guarantees, as shown.

What guarantee do you offer?2016-11-09T08:17:14+00:00

Fully Finished Windows

Traditional timber windows typically remain in full working order for decades. Our fully factory finished windows will last a lifetime with the correct application of care and maintenance. On average, our coatings will tend to last from five to eight years before re-treatment. This is reflected in our guarantees as follows:

Standard Double Glazing: 8 years
Hardware: 10 years
Painted finishes: 8 years
Stain finishes: 5 years

Frame Only Windows

We strongly recommend that fully factory finished windows are purchased, saving on the substantially higher cost of onsite preparation, painting and glazing. It is also the best protection available from moisture absorption and important for long term preservation. Water seepage into wood occurs as soon as it is exposed to damp or wet conditions.

Therefore, when untreated frames are purchased we cannot guarantee the actual frame; however, any problems must be reported on delivery or within 24 hours of receiving the goods for further action to be guaranteed.

What type of glazing do you use?2015-05-08T11:54:55+00:00

We use 4-16-4 low e argon filled double glazing with U-value’s below 1.8. We offer standard glazing options including, obscure, toughened, laminated and self-cleaning glass.

Are timber windows more expensive than plastic?2015-05-08T11:53:37+00:00

For many years in the UK, wood frame windows have been seen as an expensive short-term option compared to uPVC equivalents. However, uPVC windows are generally expected to last just 25 years, less than a quarter of the lifespan of a well maintained wood frame window. The installation of timber windows may also have a positive effect on the value of the property.

Are timber windows good for the environment?2015-05-08T11:52:25+00:00

Compared to uPVC windows, timber offers exceptional benefits to the environment and to your home. They do not need to be incinerated, they last many years longer than uPVC and offer reduced maintenance overall.

For more information, please see our environment.

What is multi-layered timber?2015-05-08T11:49:40+00:00

Traditional joinery uses solid timber window sections. These single solid sections are subject to movement caused by variable moisture or temperature conditions. Multi-layer sections (known as laminate sections) are comprised of solid timber layers, glued and compressed. These timber layers form constructional veneers that increase the integrity of the sections, eliminating movement which in turn eliminates maintenance.

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