For many years, in the UK, wood frame windows have been seen as an expensive short-term option and PVC equivalents have increased in use. However, there are many benefits of the use of timber over PVC and not just in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal.

More recently, the old myths of wood frame windows being ‘high maintenance’ or somehow shorter in lifespan have been purged and people are realising again that, in reality, timber windows last far longer than PVC, hence the cost is less over the lifespan of the windows. The additional character and performance benefits can also improve the value and sale-ability of your property.

This is especially true when treated and finished under factory conditions, with a layer of undercoat and two layers of micro-porous paint finish: windows can be left untouched for 6-8 years before they may even need a lick of paint. Even then, there is no need to prepare the surface by anything other than a wipe over. For this reason, ProSpec are able to offer a 10 year guarantee on all our windows sold fully finished with high quality paints or stains.

Timber frame windows are also considered better for the environment. In the Greenpeace Briefing on ‘Installing New Windows 1997’, they concluded that timber is:

“By far the most environmentally friendly material for windows”. (Greenpeace, 1997)

To read the full report please go to here.

And in April 2005, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) found that:

PVC windows also generate more waste and use eight times more energy to manufacture than timber windows.

To read the full report please go to here.