Fensa Installer

Stork Sash Windows Ltd is a FENSA installer.

When installing Heritage or Conservation windows always use the services of a registered FENSA installer. FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. Using a FENSA installer and having FENSA installation will mean all your windows and doors, as all components of property, are made to work for your convenience. FENSA oversees thousands of self-certifying installation contractors in England and Wales as fitting and installations plays the biggest role in window or door performance. There are many benefits of using a FENSA installer registered company and FENSA installation.

First of all, you will save time and costs.  With using a FENSA installer and having FENSA installation will mean your Window or door installation registration will be no longer your responsibility. FENSA will save you the costs up to £250 and will do this much faster and easier.

Secondly, FENSA guarantees confidence in FENSA installers. All companies that are registered by FENSA are continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure consistency of Building Regulations adherence and service.