When the rotting and decaying of sashes takes place it can leave your windows incurved which in turn will let in droughts, rain water, dirt and will leave your sash windows looking graceless. But this does not mean that you have to replace the entire window. In this case we can offer you a sash only option. New sashes will fit into the old frame exactly the same as the old ones but also will include the benefits of incorporating modern high technology security features:

dsc_2170Engineered timber to minimize seasonal movement and timber wastage


Double glazing to meet future energy saving requirements, (part L,2013)


Low maintenance high performance finishes

The sashes are available with or without glazing bars and are made-to-measure. Detailed drawings to illustrate your exact requirements are available on request.

Also available for arched or curved sash windows.




  • Constructed using European Oak, Meranti or treated Redwood Pine.

  • Multi-layered laminated sections (also known as ‘engineered sections’) help to eliminate seasonal movement and warping.


  • As standard all units are fitted with 22mm argon filled units to provide a U value below 1.5 W/m2k.

  • Our enhanced conservation sashes are glazed with ‘slimlite’ glazing.

  • Options on glazing include: toughened, laminated, acoustically enhanced, obscure.

  • Advice on glazing regulations in accordance with Part F will be provided by your consultant.


  • Our high performance paints and stains will maximize the life of your windows allowing maximum duration between maintenance.

  • Unlike re-painting in the past the re-application of finish does not require laborious scraping and sanding. Modern micro-porous paint systems allow the timber to breathe preserving the integrity of the wood. When the time comes a light sanding over the window will provide a key to reapply the top coat.

  • All our products can be finished in any RAL color, dual color available.



  • Toughened, laminated, obscured and self-cleaning glazing options available.


  • We offer the option of dual painting. e.g. different colors inside and out.


  • Sash lifts and fitch catches are also available in period ironwork, either wrought iron or pewter.