Window painting is by far the last and the most important part of the manufacturing process because it protects all the work underneath. Well painted timber sash windows are resistant against sun’s UV rays which can break down the wood fibers of the timber sash window, rain which can cause corrosion on glazing points, dirt, insects and anything else that is making harm on your timber sash windows. But most probably many house owners know that without paint their timber sash windows will fail quickly. And here comes the question: which paint is the best for wooden timber sash windows?

Oil – based paint is great for woodwork and is the most popular choice between UK’s homes timber sash windows. It provides a hard finish that is preventing your timber sash windows from sticking and as it must be painted by hand, it gives a more traditional look. The other side of oil-based paint is that it has a tendency to yellow slightly over the time on your timber sash windows.

Spray finished timber sash windows are becoming industry standard. It is easy to apply, saves time and money. Finished timber sash windows look cleaner and modern. Also it is possible to choose from a wide range of RAL colours.