Home security with sash windows

Have you ever wondered what is a secure sash window?

There can be many factors effecting the enhanced security of sash windows e.g. the quality and number of security locks, certificated secondary glazing system, shutters, grilles or gates and of course the position of a window itself – floor level, rear, side or front etc. An expert sash window installer and fitter like storksashwindows.co.uk will know all about installing secure sash windows.

Sash window locks. You can get various types of locks that fit on sash windows. The main ones, which can be fitted by an expert sash window fitter like storksashwindows.co.uk will be in the middle of the sash window and are called fasteners – a lock attached to the sashes of a double hung sash window that can fix both in the shut position.

Another choice would be a sash stops. This is a locking system which is prevents sash windows from being forced upward and they can also be used to lock a sash window open for ventilation.

Another possibility would be dual screws – a full or half threaded bolt which is screwed through an internally threaded barrel fitted in the top of the lower sash into a simple hole in the bottom of the upper sash or in some cases into another threaded barrel.

If well maintained and properly locked, your traditional sliding sash windows will provide a reasonable level of security.